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DerešeDerešeDeresze (Dereše)


Derese is a 2003 meter high peak on a main ridge of the Low Tatras mountains approximately 2,5 km to the west from the Chopok peak. Derese´s slopes are considered as the most fabulous formation in Chopok´s round. You can reach them on foot during summer or with a cross-country-ski 15 minutes from Chopok during winter. From that point you may go down several throughs to a destination of the Brhlinska´s cableway. Derese skiing center is rather for experienced skiers. Among local people it is known as a „ski university“. Excellent skiing conditions are here even for snowboarders. A snowboard park has been build with U-ramp and obstacles for jibbing. Good snow conditions are here even for freeride lovers.

Dereše valley

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